Family Portrait in Madeira Beach, FL

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We were asked to take a family portrait and of course as a family owned company we were all over that. We were told it would be a large family almost a rejoining of all of the family that hasn’t been together in years! There was a beautiful young lady with her 2 kids with their wives then their combined 4 kids with 4 son & daughter in laws with their combined 9 kids for a total of 31 Family Members. I am always in support of unique portrait opportunities and this was a great chance even driving 40 miles away it was well worth it. The day was beautiful in the morning and being in the morning we were not fighting the weather….yet.

We started taking pictures of the family members who were ready and I couldn’t of planned it better myself. The family were all wearing pastel colors and were all matching with the color scheme and types of clothes. It was incredible! Once all of the family was ready we started getting everyone lined up and in the right spot and I told the young lady “it is all about you so don’t let any of these great grandkids get in your way”. She made sure she was front and center and everyone was so cooperative. Once we were finished the lovely young lady wanted to take a few pictures with all of her great grandkids. Everyone was ready to take this picture but we had one great grandson who was not necessarily willing to jump in the shot….there might of been kicking and screaming from the kid or the parent! I wasn’t about the let the lovely young lady miss the opportunity to get her picture so I brought the great grandson over and gave him the camera and showed him how to take the picture. He was fascinated with the flash and the sound of the camera. So when he was distracted I showed him the picture he just took and showed him the empty spot on the side and asked him “Don’t you think you should be in their?” his response was “NOPE!” So at this point I gave him the camera and I told him well then I am going to jump in the picture…. The parents knew the direction I was headed and they were skeptical. I ran over he took the picture and I ran back and said “Hey let’s switch spots!” he waited a few seconds…….Ran over to jump in the picture and had a big smile on his face! Everyone was blown away that we were able to work with him to be in the picture.

Pictured on the right is the shot of me posing with the great grandkids minus the great grandson who took the picture. The reason for sharing this experience is this is what we are passionate about with our photography and we always go the extra mile to capture the right picture and make sure that all parties are happy. Our goal is Photography Beyond Your Expectations and we go the extra mile to do so! We finished out the day here capturing beautiful pictures and I am always honored to be part of their family memories.

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