Senior Portrait Session at the Beach in Tampa, FL

July 27, 2017 | 0 Comments | Photography

We received a call from out of state and spoke to a very nice lady named Lucy. She was referred to us by her cousin who was local. She said that she was traveling to Florida with her son and he wanted to get senior pictures taken at the Beach. We scheduled it and kept our fingers crossed for the weather to be on its BEST behavior. Lucy and I spoke several times that day and it was going to be a 50/50 shot of weather we would be able to shoot or not. I am SOOOO glad we went for it because we had a great time. I was introduced to Jackson who was a 17 year old and he had such a energetic personality. We started shooting at the beach in the sand as he watched the sunset and people playing at the beach.

After we shot for a little bit and go used to the lighting and Jackson loosened up a little bit then we started having a little fun. Cypress Point Park is really close to the airport and the landing planes fly right over head. This gave us a chance to get a few crazy photos and incorporate the planes landing right near the park. Now let me set the scene for you because this was NOT a normal July Florida day. It was about 80 degrees outside with a fair amount of breeze and very little humidity…….and it was raining in Clearwater and raining in Downtown Tampa. I explained to his mom Lucy that we were really lucky with the day that we were given because of the breeze, cooler weather, no humidity and no rain. We couldn’t of had a better day for being middle of July. 

We continued our shoot while he threw stones into the ocean which were mostly broken shells. We did have to show him how to do that a few times before he picked up on it. This gave us a chance to adjust the lighting and try a few new things while we were waiting for the sun to set and become really bright vibrant colors in the sky. We kept moving towards the end of the beach where there was some tall grass and gave us the perfect background for our portraits.

This was one of the most fun senior shoots we have been on and the family was such a joy to work with. Thanks for trusting NTP 2 Photography to capture part of your trip to Florida. See more examples of the pictures below and stay updated with our Social Media Pages @NTP2Photography or visit our website

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