Maverick Country Session in Dade City, FL

September 20, 2019 | 0 Comments | Photography

Let them be little….because they are only that way for a while. I was contracted to do a 1 Year Old Portrait Session with his mom. They wanted a country setting with a barn. I was fortunate to work with the owners of Iola Lakeside Events in Dade City, FL for the portrait session. We went on a evening and while the weather was rolling in we were able to create these amazing images. Maverick while at the shoot was the happiest child and was so comfortable having his picture taken. His mother Aarin wanted to jump in for a few photos and I was so happy that she did. These two had the most amazing smile and personality. My experience when working with people (My background is portraiture) is I am often looking for a combination of the eyes and smile. These two nailed it! We started on the swing set at Iola Lakeside and while they were laughing having a good time I stood a little far away and captured these moments. After that we setup a small scene with the O.N.E. spelled out with boots and a hat. Trying to distract Maverick for a short period while I setup he stood on top of the crate laughing and smiling. He then forgot he was standing up there and went to go sit down and that lead to falling down but after a couple minutes of tears he got back up and was smiling all over again. This was by far one of my favorite portrait sessions I have done recently and these pictures is the best representation of why I got into photography. These memories are worth saving and documenting for years to come. We don’t know what the future holds and living the life we can while we can is very important to my family. 

Please check out more of the portrait session below and to follow Eric’s projects please follow him on social media @NTP 2 Photography.

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